In his position as Strategic Advisor Urban Development of Zaanstad Municipality Mathias was invited by the architecture centre Babel on October 13, 2022 to speak about the Vision upon the Built Environment 2040. This document sets out five crucial principles for the future development of the city in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam, and that is rapidly growing from now 155.000 inhabitants.

The city is famous for its heritage as first European Industrial City along River Zaan, green wooden houses and it’s formerly ‘1000 windmills’ now illustrated by the international tourist attraction Zaanse Schans. The city faces major (spatial) challenges when it comes to climate adaptation and its ecosystems, transitioning energy and mobility, while working on equality and inclusivity. All growth growth for houses and spaces for future-proof work will be realized within the boundaries of the urbanized agglomeration and sparing the protected green landscape.

The Vision will be finalized in 2023 and co-authored with Simone Huijs, Marieke Ros, Marian van den Brink and others.
The presentation took place in cultural centre Bullekerk, and Mathias was interviewed by Leontien de Koning, former head or Urban Development.