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I am passionate about the future of the city, which I approach as a complex (eco)system. Therefore, I like work on the sweet spot, at the connections in the system, and build bridges.

After studying architecture in Vienna and Delft, I built up experience in design, strategy and sustainability. My approach is interdisciplinary and embedded in an international context. Economic, ecologic and social values are central aspects of my work.

Currently I work as a Strategic Advisor Urban Development to Zaanstad Municipality (160k inhabitants rapidly growing to 200k), and as an expert on nature-inclusive design for Utrecht Province. I am Founding Research Director at nextcity.nl, a platform for quality of life in the city for all species.

Share the knowledge
I find it inspiring to develop talent and teach (e.g. Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences and University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology and abroad). For the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) I set up the international program and together with developer Synchroon the career accelerator www.nextstepprogram.nl. At Zaanstad I am one of the founders of the Program for the Knowledge of Space with montly lectures, master classes and case studies.

Do you want to connect? Just reach out via DM on insta, LinkedIn or email me via info(a)mathiaslehner(dot)nl!
I believe in sharing knowledge and mutual inspiration, so let’s get in touch exchange views and find our mutual interest!