In April 2022 Mathias taught at the Institute for Environmental Studies of the University of Amsterdam upon invitation of Judy Shamoun-Baranes. The lecture, knowledge exchange and discussion with students from various backgrounds and countries shed a light on how nature inclusive cities can be achieved.

Please find some of the literature Mathias recommended if you would like to learn more about the topic below: with various documents in the download section.

Van Stiphout, Maike and Lehner, Mathias: First Guide to Nature Inclusive Design, 2019. (2nd edition also available in Dutch; clever students find it on issue, too)

Chartier Dalix. Hosting Life, Architecture as an Ecosystem, 2019 (cool architects)

Poetz, Hiltrud. Green-blue grids. Manual for Resilient Cities, 2016

Beatley, Timothy. Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design, 2015

Video/film: Kellert, Stephen: Biophilic design the architecture of life, 2011, 60mins. (bit cheesy DVD, also on vimeo and if you are clever find it free online)

Boeri, Stefan. Manifesto on Forest CitiesLinks to an external site., 2010

Kellert, Stephen. Building for Life. Designing and Understanding the Human-Nature connection, 2005

Wilson, Edward. Biophilia, 1984

Hundertwasser, Friedensreich. Mouldiness Manifesto,Links to an external site. 1958.