Books (&coffee) on the table today

After heading the international program at Royal Institute of Dutch Architects BNA and the Next Step Program (with Synchroon Developers) I will be joining Gemeente Zaanstad Municipality as Strategic Advisor Urbanism and Space. To advise such a rapidly growing part of the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) is an extraordinary opportunity to actively shape the future of our cities in an integral way.

I want to say ‘thank you’ my Dutch and international colleagues and network partners for the inspiring collaboration until now. Thank you for making a difference, for sharing knowledge (and dilemmas!). Together we discovered how to become resilient entrepreneurs and how to engage with global urgencies. I am happy that we have inspired and connected architects, clients and policy makers. Just think of the MakeHappen! Inspiration Night on the United Nations SDGs or the 100+ emerging offices participating in the 3 editions of the Next Step.

Professionally I go from advocacy and economic strategy to policy and urban strategy. But I will continue to share, to connect and to collaborate on Quality of Life. So, I am looking forward to this Next Step and inspiring endeavour!