From 16th of May 2024 onwards the preliminary vision upon the built environment (Ruimte Maken voor Morgen: Ontwerp Omgevingsvisie 2040 en verder) voor Zaanstad Municipality has been published for feedback by inhabitants and professionals.

This is the first time that Zaanstad, famous for its many windmills and the cradle of the European industry made an integral vision for the entire municipality. Today the 170.000 inhabitant city is rapidly growing to 200.000+ in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The Vision includes 5 essential principles to ensure a suistainable future and 14 key projects that pave the way.

It was great to co-author, inspire and take care for the continuity of this poject together with Anne Langenesch. The team of professionals who delivered this spatial vision for 2040 and beyond include Joyce Goudschaal, Lisan Adolf, Marian van den Brink, Mirjam Witjes-Hoetjes, Tijs Rothweiler and many others. The beautiful maps based upon our sketches and a draft by Urban Synergy were made by Lisa Schouten, Jasmijn Hofman and Esra Esen. The beautiful and friendly impressions of the key projects were made from my rough sketches by blau.