After having chaired the board of the Foundation of Kunstfort, Island or Art and Heritage for a number of years it was finally time to say good bye.

Such a departure is a perfect opportunity to look back upon the accomplishments (such as introducing Zippora Elders as our new director; introducing the Code Cultural Governance; streamlining the rental and energy contracts; acquiring the ANBI status; securing continuity of the island by splitting the foundation in activities and real estate, and many others; investigating energy autarky by aquathermia).

But I am grateful that the new board and its chair, Peter Oussoren, granted me the wish of little conference with experts to look ahead too. Where will Kunstfort at Vijfhuizen stand in the coming years? How will we tackle transitions in climate, energy, demography and biodiversity to name just a few? After my little key note the experts came up with long term and practical short terms ingredients for the future of Kunstfort. The building blocks for a new policy plan, I would think. I am looking foward to how the new board and chair will take care of Kunsftfort, and wish them all the best!