On September 19th, 2022 and invited by Prof. Carola Hein of Delft University of Technology and Prof. Dirk Schubert of Hafencity University Hamburg Mathias lectures within the network of ‘Spatial and Social Impacts’ as part of the VW sponsored Research Digital Humanities.
The workshop contribution stresses the spatial relation between urban nature and health, focusing on green-blue-grey networks.

Dirk Schubert: „Mathias shared possible answers to the questions raised….which are an important aspect for teaching”

Co-speakers include: Hülya Lasch, Lukas Höller, Jeroen Nelen, Dr. Christopf Lofi, Dr. Lixia Chu, Dr. Rainer Fehr, Dr. Elke Jakubowski, Dr. Christina Strauß, Dr. Gabriele Bolte, Dr. Sabine Baumgart, Dr. Jackie Hamilton and Prof. Dr. Cor Wagenaar.