Biodiversity loss in nature is of huge influence on our ecosystem and existence. At the same time ever more people leave nature and the countryside in order to live in the city. Unexpectedly biodiversity in the city decreases less, and new species develop.

In fact, we can strenghten the ecosystem in urban agglomerations and a new kind of city is coming into existence where men, animals and plants live together and are able toe profit from each other: the Next City.

It is sensible to improve biodiversity in cities because it is an opportunity for more Quality of Life in the city but also better (micro) climate, more ecosystem services and resilience, and even better health and higher real estate value. Who doesn’t want to live in a leafy street and wake up in the morning with birds singing?

In order to develop strategies for this Next City my company LEGU cooperates with Maike van Stiphout of DS landscape architects. More information on our activities, conferences, teaching and publications is available at