Nature inclusive design and building is just one of the spatial topics that require inspirational images, next to hard facts in order to make builders, developers and governments more enthousiastic about the power of design.

Ai can help deliver those images. It is astonishing how fast AI tools for image and text generation have been developing over the past months. Midjourney, of which some 5-minute-work examples from a while ago depicted here, is a quick tool. With the right prompt and some excercise the generated images help to inspire and discuss.

Also, it’s a lot of fun and still full of flaws. Bikes with no back wheel, hands with 4 or 6 fingers, those kind of innocent things. But also the request for ‘people’ generating only white male persons in the image.

In any case, an additional valuable communication tool, an extra. Not a replacement. It still requires clever prompting, excercise and knowledge to get what ou want.